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Company Profile: MW Family Services

Purchasing the right insurance plan revolves around one very basic principal....what you get for what you pay.


How do you select a deductible?  Which benefits do you get automatically, and which ones are important to be sure are included?  When will your price be increased, and by how much?  Should you have one family plan, or separate individual policies?  These are only a few of the questions which are important to have answered before you settle on a plan.


Small added features often add to your price...so much so that they are not worth it.  It is very important to have the advice of a professional.  Before I worked with them many of my clients were spending hundreds of dollars a year on what they thought was a good plan....only to find out they were wasting their money by paying for services they did not use or for which they were overcharged.


Call me right away, and I will share with you a professional's knowledge of how insurance companies often overcharge for benefits and services...and more importantly how to get exactly what you need at a low price!

Company Info
  • MW Family Services
    Director, Mitch West


    Website: www.mwesthealth.com


    Independent Insurance Broker